Salon Electrical

Every stylist works against the time between the appointments. Sometimes a stubborn hair that doesn’t lift up as much as supposed to be or somehow doesn’t hold the wave which would be the foundation of the style the client asked for. This could be the nightmare of a hairstylist.

That is where salon electrical becomes the secret weapon of the stylist. We all know that hair styling needs more than a hair dryer and a curler now.

We listened stylists and created a big range of hair salon electrical range. Our colour processors, climazones, styling processors basically hair processors are  up to create almost every hair style both permanent or casual.

We decorated our colour processors up to 8 infrared lamps and fans to create maximum partition and achieve target colouring in less than half  time  with 100% result guaranty.

Our hair steamers can be used for treatments or perms and lots more processes. Ceriotti electrical items designed and created with Ceriotti developed technologies in Ceriotti factory in Italy.


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